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Discover how to transform your sex life in as little as 90 days so that you can create the sex life of your dreams...
Even if you think it's impossible and your partner is on a completely different page.
Does any of this sound familiar?
 You're in a long term relationship and your sex life is suffering.

You're craving passionate and exciting sex that you actually look forward to. 

 You feel frustrated or bored or BOTH.

You feel resentful when the topic of sex comes up.

You want the confidence and trust to explore new erotic territory.

 The spark has died and you're not sure if it could ever come back.
If you've answered YES to any of the above questions, you're in the right place
You are not alone. There is an epidemic of people who are stuck and frustrated with their sex life. Studies have recorded between 10% - 20% of couples suffer from a sexless relationship. Millions of people can see it happening and yet feel paralyzed to do anything about it. Don't be one of them.  

It is completely normal for that sexual spark to dim over the years and sometimes die out completely. Dr. de Wit is a board certified sexologist and a sex therapist he has worked with hundreds of people in the same situation as you.  

If you want a whole new way of looking at your sexual relationship and the opportunity to create something new that is luscious and satisfying. This is for you.  

You want to...
  •  Enjoy sex without the stories, scandal and significance you attach to it so that you can have fun and enjoy yourself.
  •  Get out of your head so that you can be present with your partner.
  •  Be able to create conversations free of judgement and make-wrongs so that you can have an open and honest talk about what is really going on.
  •  Be able to clearly communicate your needs, wants and desires to your partner in a way that they listen to you so that you can have great sex for years to come.
  •  Free yourself from self limiting beliefs about yourself, your body and/or performance so that you can have that body rocking sex that you want.
How do I know this and how do I know this is what you want? 
Let me take a moment and tell you a little bit about myself.
I spent years working with therapists and coaches to discover why I kept replaying this pattern of sexual demise in my own relationships. And well, I cracked the code for myself and was able to create amazing sex and an amazing relationship! I was so excited about my discovery that I wanted to learn more and share this with as many people as I could but I knew I needed to learn more. So I did just that, I went back to school and completed a Master of Public Health with a specialization in Human Sexuality. I then did my clinic placement at the Hassle Free Clinic in Toronto as a Sexual Health Counselor and then went back and completed my Doctorate of Human Sexuality. Now I have a successful private practice (working with people just like you), speak at conferences throughout North America and regularly work with national media outlets providing relevant, thought provoking sex education and information. Needless to say, I love what I do. So that's my story, but enough about me.... this is about you!
As featured in...
Sex Life By Design

The Essential 90 day online program to create the sex life of your dreams with your partner.
Have the sex you want, when you want, with your partner!

Over the 90 days you will receive:
Weekly modules with audio, accompanying PDF worksheets and applicable study and reference guides. ($2000 value)

Weekly video Q&A where you can submit your questions anonymously to Dr. de Wit.
Weekly action items to have your learning come alive and make a difference in your life.

Let's take a look at the curriculum...
In the Sex Life By Design program, you will benefit from a decade of my experience and transform your sex life through The Sexual Freedom System™ a powerful 4 step process where you will develop your:

Step 1: Sexual Self Awareness - understand how your past impacts you today - why you are the way you are so that you can transform what isn't working and keep the things that are!
Step 2: Sexual Self Esteem - love and accept your self for who you are right now so that you can stop making yourself (and your partner) wrong.
Step 3: Sexual Responsibility - own what hasn't worked in the past and get to know yourself as the source of great sex with your partner!
Step 4: Sexual Self Expression - Authentically share who you are and your wants and needs are in a way so that your partner can hear them and accept them.......... and say YES to them!
I want to empower you to become the expert in your own sex life. This isn't about learning new positions or techniques. This is about creating sexual freedom so you can have the sex life of your dreams - whatever that looks like to you. 
A great sex life is a right not a privilege.

Join Sex Life by Design now for only $597

I'm also giving you this game-changing bonus to help you get the most out of Sex Life by Design:

Direct email access to Dr. de Wit - ($450 value)
 When questions and challenges come up, reach out to Dr. de Wit directly so you can stay on track and get the results you want.
You will have lifetime access to this program so you can come back and review this course when your sex life needs a pick me up! (priceless)

I won't be able to offer this bonus forever -- make the most of this opportunity to get 1:1 access with sexologist, Dr. de Wit for a fraction of price!
  • 12 Modules
  • Weekly Video Q&A Sessions
  • Direct email access to Dr. de Wit
  • Lifetime Access to the Program
  • Three 30-min 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • 12 Modules
  • Weekly Video Q&A Sessions
  • Individual direct email access to Dr. de Wit
  • Lifetime Access to the Program
Payment plan option: $237/ month for 
3 months
Payment plan option: $347/ month for 
3 months

You can jump all over this offer or continue to have the sex life you have (or don't have) or you could go through the years and years of counseling, coaching and education.  Or take the smart and easy route and invest in your relationship and the Sex Life By Design program.
My Guarantee to You.

If you are even a little bit hesitant let's take care of that. If after the first month of completing the modules and action steps you do not feel that this program is value for your money will be refunded, all I ask is that you do the work and submit your completed workbooks. This is powerful and life changing this work can be don't let anything stand in your way. 

You no longer have to be resigned, frustrated or sad that you are not having the sex life you want.
Don't take my word for it... 

Here are what some of my clients have said about working with me:
"I was 'in my head all the time' having conversations and analyzing everything I was doing. I realized that approach only made things worse in my relationships. This program has giving me the tools to be empowered and the voice to communicate my needs. I have learned that positive communication is essential to having the happiness that one deserves. The knowledge and skill I have gained from you is priceless."
          - A.M. Toronto
“Being a Coach myself, I understand the value Coaches bring (Accountability, Perspective, Cheerleader in my corner, Expertise…) but in the end, all that matters is whether or not you produce the results you desire. I can honestly say that I have working with Stephen…he’s challenged me, supported me, helped me get clear on what kind of relationship I want and then coached me to create that very relationship for myself almost exactly!! I get a ton of value and looking back, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the work we’ve done together!”
          - B.B. Vancouver

"Stephen has transformed my relationship to sex, exploding long held attitudes and beliefs and providing a new found freedom in expressing myself in this critical area. With that freedom has come the power to discover great sex not only for myself but also, more importantly, for my partner."
          - S.N. Montreal

Before we started working with Stephen, we had had a platonic marriage for about 10 years, basically since the birth of our second child. We had learned to co-exist and co-parent relatively peacefully, but we still had frequent and sometimes heated disagreements about how to raise our children. Within weeks of starting our work with Stephen, we started having meaningful and emotional conversations about what we wanted from our relationship and regularly sharing intimacy. As a result, our discussions around parenting quickly became much more cooperative. Over the past year, we’ve gotten better and better at communicating with each other, about our relationship and our roles as parents as well as about sex. And our children are much happier and more relaxed at home, and thriving in school. Many of our friends and family members have noticed and commented on how much happier we seem together and how happy our children seem.

Stephen does an amazing job of making you feel comfortable and safe to talk about how you feel and what you want. He is completely open-minded, accepting and non-judgemental. He’s really good at helping you recognize your successes, boosting your self-esteem and motivating you to take further steps toward your goals. He is genuinely passionate about helping people and his positivity is contagious. We’ve recommended him to several of our friends.

          - L.C. Wisconsin 

There's something really important you should know about Sex Life by Design.

1. This program is designed to meet you where you are. Whether you're having regular sex and want more fun and passion or haven't had sex for 5 years, this program will work for you.

2. This is about you becoming the expert in your sex life and what you enjoy. This isn't about buying gadgets, trying 'weird' things or pushing your boundaries.

3. I'm not going to be teaching you 'new' positions or techniques, but I will show you how to find explore and get more of what feels good to you.
This is for you if:

  •  You are tired of the way things are. 
  •  You love your partner and are committed to creating an fulfilling sex life.  
  •  You are willing to do the work and be coachable.  
  •  You believe a great sex life is an important part of a healthy relationship. 
This is not for you if:

  • You want a quick fix, band-aid solution to get more sex.
  •  You are not committed to your partner.
  •  You if you already know the solution to the problem and are not open to discovering something new.
  •  You if you are not interested in having a great sex life for the rest of your life.
If you no longer want to feel:
  •  Unwanted, unsexy and frustrated
  •  Worried about what will happen if things continue this way
  •  Awkward and resentful when you talk about sex
  •  Guilty or inadequate
  •  Concerned that you will never find your partner sexy again
Then there is only one option for you!
A quick review of everything you are receiving: 

  • 12 Weeks of modules and action steps - ($2,000 value)
  •   Weekly Q&A answering your questions - ($400 value)
  •   BONUS: Direct email access to Dr. de Wit for 12 weeks. He is your partner in this process - ($450 value)
  •  You will have lifetime access to this program so you can come back and review this course when your sex life needs a pick me up! - (priceless)
Everything you need to transform your sex life...
How to work with your partner in a way that becomes natural and easy.
To identify and eliminate the sexual messages from your past that no longer serve you. 

 Specific communication techniques so that you can stop having the same conversation over and over

 How to listen to your partner in new ways so they  understand your wants, needs and desires.

 How to heal damage caused from past conflict so you let go of the resentment and create something new

 How to take responsibility for your sex life so that you are in control and are the source of great sex in your life
You can have the sex you want, when you want, with your partner and Design Your Sex Life!

Frequently Asked Questions:
Do I need to try "weird" sex things?
Absolutely not!  This is about you becoming the expert and creator of your sex life.  It is about you exploring what feels good for you and your partner.  This is about your connection, communication and confidence. 
What if my partner is not on board?
No problem, the program was specifically designed for one individual to do the program.

What if my partner wants to join in later?
No problem. 80% of the time this happens because they will see such a shift in you.

I have never done an online course before. Will online learning work for me?
Yes, between the audio, the written work and the support calls with me you will be well taken care of. And there is a quick start guide to set you up powerfully to succeed.

What if I have given up?
Well then now is the time to take action. At times it is normal to feel like you have exhausted all options and give up. And then there are times like now where a new option presents itself.

I am not good with technology. Can I do this?
Yes! If you can open your email and click a button you will have no difficulty. The modules will be emailed to you each week. Just open the email, click the links and you are good to go.

I am so busy will I have time?
Yes! If you make time. You make time for the important things in your life and the important people in your life. Try putting yourself first for once and carve out some time for what's important to you. You are only looking at about one hour a week.

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